Creating Great Internet-Enabled Services

An Overview

We specialize in small business Internet-enabled services. High impact services without high prices.  Because budget matters!  We have a package deal to suit your needs.

Micro-Biz Consulting & Services is an Internet consulting company known for services that are:


It is can be a great choice for your online presence with powerful admin panel, one click installation, etc.


It is can be a great choice for your online presence with powerful admin panel, one click installation, etc.

User Friendly

We create user-friendly solutions that provide a great user experience.

Cost Effective

An important criteria for technology and services selection is a price point that is affordable for small businesses, but yet can grow as your business grows.

We Provide a Full Spectrum of Internet-Enabled Services:

checkInternet-Based Training and Consulting

checkWebsite Design and Revamp

checkE-Commerce Shopping Cart Development and Hosting

checkWeb Hosting and Email Hosting

checkSocial Media Site Development

checkContent Creation

checkWebsite Maintenance

checkSearch Engine Optimization and Marketing SEO/SEM

checkEmail Marketing

Who we are

We are close teams of passionate people based in .... We are stylers, coders, parents, gamers, jokers and experts in our professions. Ordinary people who strive to create extraordinary products.

What we do

We create and make beautiful things for the web, from desktop to mobile. This includes website templates, themes, plugins and many more. Top notch quality products are the main thing we care, talk and do.

Why we do it

Simply because we love doing what we are doing and are best at it. We love a beautiful digital world, and it starts with every single product we make today. It’s our destiny to make great products.

Our 3-Tier Approach

We have developed a 3-tiered approach for helping small businesses maximize their business potential by taking advantage of the Internet and what it has to offer.  Our 3-tiered model focuses on 1) online presence, 2) user experience, and 3) conversion. This model enhances your business’s overall success via online exposure.  Just having a website is not enough in today’s business world. Your business must have an active online presence … not just be a place holder on the Internet. In addition to this 3-tier approach, everything we do is designed to grow as your company grows.

Online Presence

What is your online footprint?  Do  you have a website?  What other online presence do you have? To successfully participate in today's business world you need to have an active online presence.  We can help you determine what you need and then help you implement it.

User Experience

OK, you have a website and participate on several social media sites, but your customers are not accessing and when people visit they don't stay long.  Your sites are not providing your visitor a pleasing user experience.  We can help you with this.


You have a great online presence, your customers love your sites, but these sites are not adding anything to your bottom line.  What gives?  You must have a clearly defined goal for each of  your online sites that you want each visitor to do before leaving.  We call this conversion.  Let us help you achieve your site goals.

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