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Is Managing Your Own Website a Profitable Decision To Make?

In many ways, we Americans consider ourselves to be a "do-it-yourself" (DIY) culture, where individuals value self-sufficiency and take pride in doing, fixing, and / or creating things on our own, rather than relying solely on professionals or experts.  While this might be ok in our personal lives, it may not be the most “profitable” decision to make professionally.

Many business owners when they start their business have to be a jack of all trades and do everything by themselves.  In order for a business to grow, the business owner must transition into focusing on what makes them money… their expertise, craft, or product.  At this point, it makes sense to start outsourcing some of your business activities.  

This holds true with your online presence; your website.  Having a professional website is important for creating a strong and trustworthy professional image. Your website serves as an online representation of your brand, showcasing your products or services, and providing information about your company to potential clients and customers. A professional-looking website that is easy to navigate and provides clear information can help establish credibility and increase trust, which can lead to increased business opportunities and growth.

There are several pitfalls of a company doing its own website management, including:


  • Lack of Expertise: Without proper training and experience, a company may not have the necessary skills to design, develop, and maintain a website to the standards required for a professional online presence.
  • Time-consuming: Website management can be a time-consuming process, requiring regular updates and maintenance. This can take time away from a company's core business activities.
  • Limited Functionality: A company may not have the resources to develop and maintain a website with advanced features and functionality, limiting its potential to engage with customers and generate leads.
  • Poor SEO (search engine optimization): Without proper optimization, a company's website may not rank well on search engines, limiting its visibility and reach.
  • Higher Costs: Attempting to manage a website without professional help can result in higher costs in the long-run, due to the need for additional tools and resources, as well as the cost of fixing mistakes and correcting any security issues that may arise.
  • Not Utilizing Analytics: Analytics is a keystone to improving traffic, leads, and conversion on your website.  Most DIY don’t understand how to get the needed analytics and how to make adjustments based on the results. 
  • Security Risks: A website that is not properly secured can be vulnerable to cyber threats, which can compromise sensitive data and harm the company's reputation.


Overall, while the "do-it-yourself" mentality has its benefits, it is important to carefully weigh the potential downsides and consider when it may be better to hire a professional for a particular task. Conduct a cost analysis, is your time more important focusing on what makes you money or doing the work yourself on your website?

Are you ready to have someone manage your website? 

Your business deserves a website that'll wow your potential customers and make them come back for more. With a professional web design and useful content, you'll attract more customers to your business.  Are you ready to have a professional team work on your website?  If so, reach out to us today and let the team at Micro-Biz Consulting & Services design and manage your professional website.


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