Our Website Maintenance Approach

We have created a value-driven maintenance plan for your business' website. Our approach ensures that your website has an effective and cost efficient plan; whether we built the site or done by others. If we didn't create your site, we will need to conduct a site review that will allow us to assess what is required to maintain your site. This may require additional costs to upgrade any outdated licenses that your site may use.

Site / License Review

First we assess what your site will require.  This may include the need to buy new licenses and install some additional extensions.

Site Backup

Next we conduct an entire site backup.

Extension Updates

Then we update all of the website's extensions.

Site Core Update

Once the extensions are up-to-date, we will then update the site's core software if needed.

Site Functionality Test

To make sure everything works, we conduct a site functionality test.

Broken Link Scan & Report

Finally, we conduct a broken link scan and provide a report to you of the results.

Our Pricing

Our pricing approach ensures that you can afford to keep your site updated!

Cost Effective Plan for Everyone!

For new sites we will conduct a First Time review to ensure that we create an effective and capable maintenance plan for your site.

Then to maintain your site, we'll perform the tasks in our monthly plan.

First Time

  • Site Review
  • Site Upgrade Plan
  • Cost Upgrade Plan
  • Actions in Monthly Plan

Monthly Plan

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  • Virus Scan
  • Full Site Backup
  • Upgrade of Extensions
  • Upgrade of Framework Core
  • Site Functionality Test
  • Broken Link Scan & Report
  • A la Carte Features Added at Additional Cost


Our maintenance approach is a subscription-based plan.  Should you stop our monthly maintenance plan, you will need to pay for the Initial One-Time Review Plan before we restart your monthly maintenance.

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