Strategic Planning & Consulting


The success of all companies, large and small alike, is most limited by the knowledge and expertise of that company’s team. Trust the small business professionals at Micro-Biz Consulting & Services to fill in those crucial missing pieces – you excel at what you do, we excel at building great companies!

We specialize in assisting micro and small size businesses develop a strategic plan that will help them become a leader in their market. Strategic planning for micro/small business will help you:

Learn the basics of Strategic Planning

Understand your competitive position in the market

Articulate your desired future state

Determine business priorities

Align your management team behind one vision

Micro Business Consulting

Whatever your business need we are able to help you by providing on-demand support. We’ll integrate seamlessly with your operation to understand challenges and develop unique strategies to take your business to the next level!

Some of the Small Business Consulting Services we offer:

Business Plans

Business Health Check

Strategy & Growth Planning

Business Coaching

Marketing Plans

IT Consulting

Web Consulting

Helpful Resources for Business Owners

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