Shattering the Price Barrier of Website Services for Small Businesses

Press Release Date: 2017-10-17

Local Web Design Firm offering Web Services for Small Businesses

Tampa, Florida—Oct 17, 2017

Currently, the majority of Professional level Web and Business Services are targeted for SMBs and not the small startups, “ma & pa shops,” and the like; what we call micro-businesses.  Because of this, these services are just too expensive for these micro-businesses. At Micro-Biz Consulting & Services LLC, we have created an affordable pricing plan designed just for micro businesses and the self-employed.  We call this ethical pricing not market pricing. We cater to the Micro Business and Startup because we are passionate about offering professional level services at a price that a Micro Business can afford. We want to shift the paradigm and level the playing field so Micro Businesses can compete with the Big Businesses. We see small businesses as the backbone of the American economy and we want them to have the ability to compete and succeed. 

Founded this year by Hope and Scott who have a combined 58+ years of IT and Business experience with a shared goal to support small business success. As business owners ourselves, we understand the challenges that small businesses have when trying to compete with bigger companies.  We have designed our services to fit your needs as your business grows. Our current core offerings include Website Development, Social Media Management, Content Creation and Management, SEO/Search Engine Placement, Business Plans, and overall Small Business Consulting.

We have developed a 3-tiered approach for helping small businesses maximize their business potential by taking advantage of Internet technology and what it has to offer.  Our 3-tiered model focuses on 1) online presence, 2) customer experience, and 3) conversion. This model enhances your business’s overall success via online exposure and customer experience. Just having a website is not enough in today’s business world.  Your business must have an active online presence …  not just be a place holder on the Internet.


About Micro-Biz Consulting and Services

Micro-Biz Consulting & Services offers high impact, customized professional websites without the high prices you pay with other companies. We can offer better websites at lower prices than our competitors because we have developed a business model that leverages technology and maximizes efficiency. A strong web design clearly defines your message and drives new search traffic to your website. A properly developed website can offer exponential business growth and increased market exposure. Learn more at


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